Advances in Aerospace Science and Applications


Volume 10, Number 2  (2020)





Velocity Perturbations Analysis of the Explosive Fragmentation of Briz-M Rocket Body (38746)
Suleman Khanpretuati

Fragments Analyses of the Soviet Anti-Satellite Tests - Part3
Ali Safaa Sadiq

Fiber Optic Interface For Avionic Display System
Ghufran Ahmed

Velocity Perturbations Analysis of Cosmos 1375 Fragmentation by a Combination Method
Xiaoge Huang

Characteristics of Mortars Containing Colloidal Nano-Silica
Yangyang Li

Aquatic – Air Borne Fighter
She Tang

Liquid Jet Breakup at Low Weber Number: A Survey
Qianbin Chen

Relation between Shore Hardness and Stress Induced in Engine Isolators
Ahmad M. Manasrah

Design and Development of Ball Burnishing Tool
Hanan Ba Ali

Large Deflection Analysis of Slotted Disc Springs with Applications to Clutches and Industrial Washers
Laisen Nie

Fragments Analyses of the Soviet Anti-Satellite Tests–Round 1
Xiaojie Wang




















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