Advances in Aerospace Science and Applications


Volume 1, Number 1  (2011 )




An Investigation on Applying Reichardt's Hypothesis to Flow Prediction of Ventilated  Two Parallel Plane Jets
pp. 1-6
Authors: A. Nasr and Joseph Lai


Analysis of an After Burner in a Jet Engine
pp. 7-22
Authors: A.P. Haran, C. Lindon Robert Lee, S. Antony Raja3 and D. Raja Joseph


Characterization of Hydrodynamic Acoustic Parameters of Modulated Waterjet
pp. 23-27
Authors: Milena Kušnerová, Jan Valíček, Sergej Hloch, Michal Řepka, Milan Kadnár


Velocity Profiles and Wall Shear Stress in Turbulent Transient Pipe Flow
Author: H. Zidouh


Hydrodynamics of Partial Nucleate Boiling by PIV Technique
pp. 53-72
Authors: Sani Basic, Leopold Skerget and Jure Marn


Effect of Bluffbody and Circular Disc Combination on Unconfined Non-Reacting Swirling Circular Jet
pp. 73-94
Authors: R. Senthil and N.V. Mahalakshmi





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