Advances in Algebra (AA)

Volume 2  Number 1  (2009)




On Fuzzy Dot d-ideals of d-algebras 
pp. 1-8
Author: N. O. Al-Shehrie

Simple Quasi-injective Modules 
pp. 9-16
Author: Zhu Zhanmin

On a Generalization of Flat Dimension 
pp. 17-22
Authors: Driss Bennis, Abdellatif Jhilal and Khalid Ouarghi

On ( α,β)*-derivations in H *-algebras
pp. 23-31
Authors: Mohammad Ashraf and Shakir Ali

Strongly Cotorsion Dimension 
pp. 33-39
Authors: Driss Bennis and Abdellatif Jhilal

On Applied Algebra 
pp. 41-43
Author: S. Kalimuthu

Application of Algebra to Trisect an Angle of 60 Degree 
pp. 45-49
Authors: M. Sivasubramanian and S. Kalimuthu





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