Advances in Algebra (AA)


Volume 4  Number 2  (2011)



k-Normal Matrix in Minkowski Space
pp. 71-79
Authors: A.R. Meenakshi, K. Sivakamasundari and K. Bharathi


Generalization of Prime Ideals and Prime Submodules
pp. 81-91
Authors: A. Khaksari, A. Jafari and A. Ghanbarnezhad

Condition of Vanishing of Covariants for Binary Form having at Most Two Factors
pp. 93-111
Authors: Pamini Thangarajah

Direct Summands of Pseudo Projective Modules
Authors:Ratnesh Kumar Mishra

A Quantum Group for the Einstein Equations
pp. 121-127
Author: Giuseppe Iurato





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