Advances in Algebra (AA)


Volume 6  Number 1 (2013)





Bipolar Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subalgebras and Bipolar Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideals of BCK/BCI - Algebras

pp. 1-15

Authors: N. Palaniappan, R. Devi and P. S. Veerappan


A Note on Boolean Near-Rings

pp. 17-19

Author: Anil Kumar Kashyap


Complete Residue Systems: A Primer and an Application

pp. 21-25

Author: Pietro Paparella


The Dual of a relative character graph

pp. 27-34

Author: Ho-Hon Leung


Bi-Ideals of Near−Subtraction Semigroup
pp. 35-43
Author: S.Maharasi, V.Mahalakshmi and Dr.S.Jayalakshmi


OD-Characterization of almost simple groups related to 2E6(2)
pp. 4554
Author: M.R. Darafsheh,G.R. Rezaeezadeh, M. Bibak and M. Sajjadi


Triple Representation for Supermodular Semilattices
pp. 55-62
Author: J. Vimala


Linear Transformations between the Linear Space of Magic Squares and Real Numbers
pp. 63-68

Authors: Sreeranjini K.S. and Dr. V. Madhukar Mallayya


On General Product of Two Finite Cyclic Groups one being of Order 7
pp. 69-71

Author: S.F. El-Hadidi


Non-commutative Near Fields of Algebra and its Extensions (NC-NF-IE)

pp. 73-89

Author: N.V. Nagendram




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