Advances in Algebra (AA)


Volume 6  Number 2 (2013)





A Note on Near Field Group of Quotient Near-Fields

pp. 91-99

Author: N.V. Nagendram


On Bi-biideals of Near-Rings

pp. 101-104

Authors: S. Maharasi and V. Mahalakshmi


Characteristics of Pseudo P-injective Rings

pp. 105-112

Authors: Himashree Kalita and Helen K Saikia


Absolutely Flatness of Finitely Generated Modules
pp. 113-115
Authors: Duraivel T, Mangayarcarassy S and Athimoolam R

Some Algebraic Properties of Strongly Regular Graphs
pp. 117-121
Author: Dr. Faisal H. Nesayef

On Prime Ideals in Ternary Rings
pp. 123-127
Authors: Anita Verma and S.K. Bhambri






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