Advances in Algebra (AA)



Volume 9  Number 1 (2016)





Ideals Of The Ring Of Higher Dimensional Dual Numbers
pp. 18
Basem Alkhamaiseh


A note on the composition of -Eisenstein polynomials
pp. 9-10
Sanjeev Kumar and H.S Maan


A study on the Classes of Semirings and Ordered Semirings
pp. 11-15
N. Sulochana, M. Amala and T.Vasanthi


Quadratic Form of Automorphism of a finite Abelian p-Group of Rank two
pp. 17-21
Amit Sehgal, Sarita Sehgal, Manjeet Jakhar and P.K. Sharma        


On the Structure of Some Groups Containing PSL(2,27)
pp. 23-29
Nouf M. Al-Raddadi


Magma into Commutative Magma
pp. 31-36
U. Ananda Reddy, G. Shobhalatha and Dr. L. Sreenivasulu Reddy                            







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