Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics (AFM)


Volume 12 Number 2  (2017)






Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set with Modal Operators in Medical Diagnosis
pp. 167-175
A.Edward Samuel and S. Rajakumar

Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Metric Space
pp. 177-187
Pardeep Kumar, Nawneet Hooda, Pankaj Kumar and Parveen Kumar

Some Properties of Intuitionistic Fuzzy sets of Third Type
pp. 189-195
Syed Siddiqua Begum and R. Srinivasan

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs of Second Type
pp. 197-204
S. Sheik Dhavudh and R. Srinivasan

Product of Fuzzy Soft Groups
pp. 205-214
Anju S Mattam and Sasi Gopalan

Fuzzy compact linear operator
pp. 215228
S. Chatterjee, T. Bag and S.K. Samanta

Characteristic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subrings of an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ring
pp. 229-253
K. Meena

On Information Measure for Fuzzy Set
pp. 255-261
Neelam Singh

pp. 263-274
R.Poornima and M. M. Shanmugapriya

Application of Fuzzy Model and Pairwise Fuzzy
a-Continuous Mappings on Physical Systems
pp. 275-281
Md. Arshaduzzaman


Fuzzy Analysis of Synergistic Collaboration of Biserial and Parallel Servers with a Common Server
pp. 283-296
Sameer Sharma

Some Generalized IFS in Fuzzy Metric Spaces
pp. 297-308
Kunti Mishra and Bhagwati Prasad

Fuzzy Graceful Graphs
pp. 309-317
R. Jahir Hussain and R. M.Karthikkeyan

Fuzzy Reliability Analysis of a Summer Air Conditioning System
pp. 319-332
M. K. Sharma






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