Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics (AFM)


Volume 12 Number 3  (2017)






Detection of Heart Disease Severity using A Novel Multilayer Perceptron Model: Validation through Major Datasets
pp. 333-345
N Satyanandam and Ch Satyanarayana

A Note on Fuzzy Soft Pre Continuity
pp. 347-359
A.Ponselvakumari and R.Selvi


On δsg* - Continuous Functions in Topological Spaces
pp. 361-370
Geethagnanaselvi B and Sivakamasundari K

On Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy (implicative and commutative) ideals of BCK- algebra
pp. 371-380
R. Durga Prasad, L. Krishna and B. Satyanarayana

Weakly β Generalized Continuous Mappings in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
pp. 381-388
Saranya M and Jayanthi D

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy γ* Generalized Closed Sets
pp. 389-410
Riya V. M and Jayanthi D

Truss Design Optimization using Neutrosophic Optimization Technique: A Comparative Study
pp. 411-438
Mridula Sarkar and Tapan Kumar Roy

Truss Design Optimization with Imprecise Load and Stress in Neutrosophic Environment
pp. 439-474
Mridula Sarkar and Tapan Kumar Roy

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linear System
pp. 475-487
Sanhita Banerjee, Suvankar Biswas and Tapan Kumar Roy

Fuzzy Evidence Graph
pp. 489-498
MathewVarkey .T.K and Sreena.T.D

Intuitionistic Fuzzy β generalized α Continuous Mappings
pp. 499-513
Gomathi M and Jayanthi D

Multi-Objective Welded Beam Optimization using Neutrosophic Goal Programming Technique
pp. 515-538
Mridula Sarkar and Tapan Kumar Roy


Ψ*a - irresolute maps, quasi Ψ*a -continuous maps and perfectly Ψ*a -continuous maps
pp. 539-548
N. Balamani and A. Parvathi

Multi-Objective Welded Beam Design Optimization using T-Norm and T-Co-norm based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Optimization Technique
pp. 549-575
Mridula Sarkar and Tapan Kumar Roy

Optimization of Welded Beam with Imprecise Load and Stress by Parameterized Intuitionistic Fuzzy Optimization Technique
pp. 577-608
Mridula Sarkar and Tapan Kumar Roy

Semi-Pre Open Sets and Semi-Pre Continuity in Gradation of Openness
pp. 609619
Jyoti Gupta and M. Shrivastava

Fuzzy Mathematical Approach for the Extraction of Impulse Noise from Muzzle Images
pp. 621-628
Anusha Edwin and Mary George

An improved ranking for Fuzzy Transportation Problem using Symmetric Triangular Fuzzy Number
pp. 629-638
G. Uthra, K.Thangavelu and B.Amutha

A Note on Fuzzy Boundary of Fuzzy Bitopological Spaces on the Basis of Reference Function
pp. 639-644
Bhimraj Basumatary

Bi-Magic labeling of Interval valued Fuzzy Graph
pp. 645-656
K.Ameenal Bibi and M.Devi

A comparative study of fuzzy Polynomials and crisp Polynomials
pp. 657-662
Amir Barhoi

A Note on Fuzziness in Inventory Management Problems
pp. 663-676
Jayjayanti Ray


Document Classification for Large Datasets Based On Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Set
pp. 677-692
Swatantra Kumar Sahu, Bharat Mishra and R. S. Thakur

Second Order Fuzzy Relations
pp. 693-713
Sunil N. Yadav and Madhav S. Bapat

Approximation of Multiplication of Trapezoidal Epsilon-delta Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 715-735
Sunil N. Yadav and Madhav S. Bapat

An approach of finding an optimal solution for a Fuzzy Least cost route problem by using Generalized Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers
pp. 737-745
T.Nagalakshmi and G.Uthra

Application of FEWMA Control Chart for Monitoring Yarn Process in the Textile Industry
pp. 747-762
S. Subbulakshmi, A. Kachimohideen and R. Sasikumar


An Optimal Solution for Generalized Trapezoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Transportation Problem

pp. 763-770

G.Uthra, K.Thangavelu and R.M.Umamageswari


On Generalized Irregular Fuzzy Graph Structure

pp. 771781

T.K. Mathew Varkey and A.M. Shyla





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