Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics (AFM)


Volume 15 Number 1  (2020)






Almost Continuous Mappings on Cubic Topological Spaces
pp. 1-12
P.Loganayaki and D.Jayanthi

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Almost Generalized Continuous Mappings
pp. 13-19
Sudha, S.M. and Jayanthi, D.

Fuzzy Incidence Graph Structures
pp. 21-30
Dinesh T

Some Inclusion Relations for Fuzzy Sets
pp. 31-46
N. Someyama

Fuzzy Approach to Compare a Minimal Spanning Tree Problem by Using Various Algorithms
pp. 47-58
Archana A. Deshpande and Onkar K. Chaudhari

Explicit construction of Bšacklund Transformations for Integrable Equations Using the Mirror Method
pp. 59-75
Tat Leung Yee






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