Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics (AFM)

Volume 4, Number 1 (2009)





Product of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Bck-Algebras 
pp. 1-8
Authors: Bavanari Satyanarayana and Ravutla Durga Prasad

Common Fixed Points for Weakly Compatible Maps in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Spaces
pp. 9-22
Authors: Sanjay Kumar and Ramesh Kumar Vats

A New Structure and Construction of Q- Fuzzy Groups 
pp. 23-29
Authors: A. Solairaju and R. Nagarajan

Strongly Almost Convergent Classes of Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers Generated by Infinite Matrices Defined By A Modulus Function
pp. 31-39
Author: Ayhan ESI

An extension of Myhill Nerode Theorem for Fuzzy Automata 
pp. 41-47
Authors: H.A. Girijamma and H. A.V. Ramaswamy

Edgecoloring of a Fuzzy Graph 
pp. 49-58
Authors: V. Ramaswamy and Mrs. Poornima

On Fuzzy Nearly Compact Regular Open Topology 
pp. 59-68
Authors: A. Deb Ray and Pankaj Chettri


Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Effect of Wall Capacitance in a Batch Reactor
pp. 69-75
Authors: Vipul A. Shah


Fuzzy Minimal Weakly Generalized Continuous Maps

pp. 77-84

Authors: R. Parimelazhagan and N. Nagaveni





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