Advances in Fuzzy Mathematics (AFM)

Volume 5 Number 2 (2010)





Economic Order Quantity for Items with Imperfect Quality where Shortages are Backordered in Fuzzy Environment
pp. 91-100
Authors: A. Nagoor Gani and S. Maheswari

Characterisation of Q-Fuzzy M-Gamma Subgroups of Groups with Respect to T-Norms
pp. 101-110
Authors: B. Chellappa and S.V. Manemaran

Goal Programming and Fuzzy Goal Programming Techniques in the Bank Investment Plans under the Scenario of Maximizing Profit and Minimizing Risk Factor: A Case Study
pp. 111-119
Authors: Mousumi Gupta and Debasish Bhattacharya

Fuzzy Modeling in Industry for the Optimal Use of Available Resources
pp. 121-127
Authors: O.K. Chaudhari and P.G. Khot

One More Fixed Point Theorem on Generalized Fuzzy Metric Spaces
pp. 129-134
Authors: P. K. Saha and A. Deb Ray

Truncations on Special Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 135-145
Authors: A. Nagoorgani and J. Malarvizhi

Some Non Linear Arithmetic Operations on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers 
pp. 147-156
Authors: Abhinav Bansal

Generalized Intuitionistic Fuzzy Closed sets
pp. 157-172
Authors: R. Dhavaseelan, E. Roja and M.K. Uma

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Contra Generalized Semi-Pre Continuous Mappings
pp. 173-186
Authors: R. Santhi and D. Jayanthi

Some Appropriate Measure of Fuzzy Entropy and Directed Divergence
pp. 187-191
Authors: P. Jha and M. Verma

b-Compactness in Smooth Fuzzy Topological Spaces
pp. 193-207
Authors: D. Anitha Devi, T. Nithiya, E. Roja and M.K. Uma

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Almost Alpha Generalized Continuous Mappings
pp. 209-219
Authors: R. Santhi and K. Sakthivel

Product of Range Symmetric Partitioned Matrix
pp. 221-227
Authors: AR. Meenakshi and D. Jaya Shree

Some types of Fuzzy Filters in BL-Algebras
pp. 229-237
Authors: M.A. Abdel-Sattar




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