Global Journal of Applied Agricultural Research (GJAAR)


Volume 1, Number 1  (2011)




Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Dietary Vegetables Marketed from Suburban Markets of Mumbai, India
pp. 1-14
Authors: G.V. Zodape

Correlation Studies among Direct and Indirect Seed / Seedling Vigour Tests in Chickpea under Irrigated and Rainfed Situations
pp. 15-19
Authors: S. Patra, R.N. Sharma and M.L Naik and P.K. Patra

Influence of Inoculum Dose on Growth and Production System of Aspergillus Niger and Neurospora Crassa for Utilization Wheat Bran Waste Biomass
pp. 21-25
Authors: Nitin Verma, Vivek Kumar and M.C. Bansal

Dairy Waste: Utility in Trichoderma Growth and Production System
pp. 27-31
Authors: Nitin Verma, Vivek Kumar and M.C. Bansal

Direct Ethanol Production by Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass using Neurospora crassa
pp. 33-41
Authors: Shantanu Rath, Saktishree Jena and M. Venkatesh Prabhu

Measurement of Proximate Principles from Mango Seed Hard Cover and its Comparision with Kernel
pp. 43-48
Authors: Saiprabha M. Mahale and A.S. Goswami-Giri


Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Strains and their Role in Plant Growth Promotion in Medicinal Plant
PP. 49-55
Authors: Vishal Kumar Deshwal, M.S. Devi, N. Bhajanka, J. Mistri, A. Bose and N. Saini


Inhabitants Perception of Climate Change, Effects and Adaptation Strategies in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria
Authors:Ifeanyi-obi C.C., Asiabaka C.C., Adesope O.M. and Issa F.O.


Effect of Vermi Compost on Productivity of Edible Mushrooms.
Authors:S. Meenakumari, J. Rajesh Kumar and S. Ahmed John


Needs Assessment of Snail Farmers in Ogun State, Nigeria
Authors:Tijani Sarafat A. and Adesina Kehinde A.


Effect of Un-Scientific Management of Agricultural Waste on the Growth of Valuable Strains of BGA Isolated from Paddy Fields
Authors:Sanjay Yadav and G.P. Satsangi




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