Global Journal of Applied Agricultural Research. (GJAAR)


Volume 2, Number 1 (2012) 




Crop Planning in Relation to Climate Change in Rain Fed Regions
Authors:Bhale Vilas M., Tupe Arvind R., Khedikar Shirish Y.,
Karmore Jayashri V. and Kale Manoj A.


Bioefficacy of Fungitoxicants against Blast Disease (Pyricularia grisea) in Rice under Temerate Conditions of Kashmir, India
Authors: Z.A. Bhat, G.N. Bhat, M.A. Ahanger, A.G. Rather, M.A. Bhat,
S. Najeeb, F.A. Sheikh and Gulzar S. Sanghera


Fine Mapping of the Major Rice Gall Midge Resistance Gene, Gm8 and its Introgression into Elite Cultivars through Marker-assisted Selection (MAS)
Authors:V.S.A.K. Sama, Mallikarjun, J.S. Bentur and R.M. Sundaram


Analysis of Generalized Linear Model using Probit Logit and Complementary Log- Log Link Function in Agricultural Experiments
Authors:R. Wasim, M. Masood, A. H. Mir and A.A. Khan


Influence of Net House, Mulching and NAA on Seed Quality of Capsicum Cv. California Wonder
pp. 27-30
Authors: A. Manjunatha, A.G. Babu, V. Manjunatha, and S. Rajendra Prasad


Morphometric Control on Agriculture: A Study on Kuya River Basin, Eastern India
pp. 31-37
Authors: Priyanka Das and Krishna Gopal Ghosh


Protein Precipitation Strategies for Two Dimensional Electrophoretic Analysis of Silkworm (B.Mori) Haemolymh Proteins
pp. 39-43
Authors: Mallikarjuna Gadwala, Neetha N. Kari and Shyam Kumar V.


In vitro Propagation of Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana and Graptopetalum Paraguayense (CRASSULACEAE) an Ornamental Plant
pp. 45-53
Authors: Phopgao Buddharaksa and Warut U-kong


Nutrient Requirements of Rice-Pulse Sequence with Alternative Waste Management
pp. 55-58

Author: D. Kumari Mani Muthu Veeral


Using Lignite Fly Ash by Product of Thermal Unit, to Assess its Feasibility on Ragi
pp. 59-61
Author: D. Kumari Mani Muthu Veeral






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