Global Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (GJAES)


Volume 2, Number 2 (2012) 




Environmental Lead Exposure to Blood: A Community Health Difficulty of among the Different Occupation
pp. 79-84
Authors: Gurumurthy D. Mahadevan and Ramappa Raghavendra


Noise Effluence: A Study of Noise Levels at Various Zones in Rajkot, Gujarat, India
pp. 85-92
Authors: Ojas M. Suroo and Mahesh N. Jivani


Determination of Bio-Kinetic Coefficient in Dairy Waste by Activated Sludge Process
pp. 93-106
Authors: C. Elangovan and A.S.S. Sekar


Relationships between Land-use/Land-cover Patterns and Surface Water Quality in Damodar River Basin, India
pp. 107-121
Authors: Sangeeta Verma, Ravindra Kumar Verma, Rajani Kant Tiwary, Nilanchal Patel and Shankar Murthy

Trends in Dioxins and Dioxin like Chemicals Contamination Levels in Hen Eggs Collected from the Industrial Area, Cochin, South India
pp. 123-133
Authors: Thushara K. Sasi and Anbu Munusamy


Utilisation of Phumdi Biomass of Loktak Lake
pp. 135-143
Authors: W. Roshan Singh and Ajay S. Kalamdhad


Effect of Phosphorus and Molybdenum on the Growth, Nodulation and N2-Fixation in Green Manure Sesbania Rostrata
pp. 145-150
Authors: Sivagami Srinivasan and Nirmala K. Murthy

Dating of fluvial terraces of Itok River, Chandrakhong, Manipur (India), by thermoluminescence technique.
pp. 151-156
Authors: A.Nabachandra Singh, S. Bidyaswor Singh, S. Nabadwip Singh and L. Raghumani Singh






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