Global Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (GJAES)



Volume 3, Number 2  (2013) 






Diversity of the Macrobenthic Invertebrates of A Shallow Fresh Water Pond Under Increasing Environmental Stresses
pp. 49-58
Authors: K. K. Sharma, Komal Bangotra and Arti Sharma

The Impact of Cypermethrin on the Histology of Freshwater Fish Tilapia Mossambicus
pp. 59-65
Author: A. Parithabhanu

The Potential Adverse Health Effects On Residents Near Hazardous Municipal Solid Waste Dump Site -At Jawahar Nagar- Hyderabad.. 
pp. 67-80
Authors: K. Syamala Devi, A.V.V.S.Swamy and R. Hema krishna

Sorption of Tetracycline and Chlortetracycline on Na-, K- and Ca-saturated Soil Clays, Humic Substances and Clay-Humic Complexes
pp. 81-92
Author: O.P. Bansal

Toxicity Evaluation of Red Mud for Pseudokirchneriellasubcapitata and Daphnia magna
pp. 93-99
Authors: Chang HyukAhn, Ho Myeon Song, Saeromi Lee, Hyun-Je Oh, Hosang Ahn and Jin Chul Joo


Biodegradation of Methoxychlor derivative, 2, 2 dichloro 4 methoxyphenyl by Bacillus sp.

pp. 101-110

Authors: Shobha K Jayanna and Devaraja Gayathri








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