Global Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences (GJAES)



Volume 4, Number 1 (2014) 





Effect of Distillery Effluent (Untreated and Microalgae Treated) on Seed Germination, Seedling Growth and Chlorophyll Content of Cicer arietinum

pp. 1-5

Authors: Padma Priya, C and Murugesan, S.


Identification of Mixed Layers in Clays of Similar Texture

pp. 7-20

Authors: Vandana Naithani and Anirudh P. Singh


Effect of Chemical, Mechanical Pretreatment and Total Solids Concentration on the Biogas Production from Sugar Beet Plant Using Single and Two Phase Anaerobic Digester
pp. 21-29
Authors: Dinesh Chander Pant, Nagendra Kumar and K.V.Rajeshwari

Phytoplanktons of Tirgun Pond
pp. 31-36
Authors: Shikha Shrivastava, Lekhika Shrivastava and Akanchha Singh

Assessment of Ground Water Quality with Special Emphasis on Fluoride Contamination in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh in South India
pp. 37-43
Authors: M. R. S. Sampath Kumar and G. Swathi

Studies on the Phytohormone Producing Potential of Agriculturally Beneficial Microbial (ABM), Isolates from Different Rhizosphere Soils of Sunflower in Bangaluru,India
pp. 45-52
Authors: Diptendu Sarkar, Soumita Laha and Kamalesh Das

Pollutant Emissions from Road Vehicles: Delhi
pp. 53-68
Author: Hari Mohan Meena

Wastewater treatment by using advance oxidation process coupled coagulation, flocculation, and biological treatment
pp. 69-95
Author: G.Bhaskar1, G R K Naidu, Madan Iyengar

Assessment of Heavy Metals Concentrations in water,Sediments and some common sea foods Callinectes amnicola and Tympanotonus fuscatus (crabs and periwinkles) from Uta Ewa Creek of Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

pp. 99-106
Author: Ekpo, F. E. and Ukpong, E. J.

On A New Digenetic Trematode Neobucephalopsis (Prosorhynchoides) jhansiansis N. Sp. (Family:Bucephalidae, Poche, 1907), a Parasite of Fresh Water Crow Fish Xenentodon cancila (Ham.) of Matatila Reservoir,Bundelkhand Region, Jhansi (UP), India
pp. 107-111
Author: Jag Mohan Sen





















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