Global Journal of Computational Intelligence Research.


Volume 1, Number 1 (2011)



Offline Automatic Cost Efficient Multiprocess Signal Monitoring and Detection using Artificial Neural Networks
pp. 1-7
Authors: Syeda Asra

Studies on Polymer Modified Recycled Aggregate Concrete
pp. 9-19
Authors: Ganesh D. Awchat, Narendra M. Kanhe and Shailendra S. Rathore

Face Detection in Still Images using Neural Network and Back Propagation Algorithm
pp. 21-30
Authors: Ajit Pratap Singh Gautam

Quality Clusters with Outliers using Minimum Spanning Tree
Authors:T. Karthikeyan and S. John Peter.

Hybrid Markov Random Field with Parallel Ant Colony Optimization and Fuzzy C Means for MRI Brain Image segmentation
Authors:N. Nandhagopal and M. Karnan. 

Improved Index based GenMax Algorithm for Efficient Pruning of Frequent Item Set Mining
Authors:C. Sathya and C. Chandrasekaran.

Feature Extraction and Classification of Ragas in South Indian Classical Music
Authors:Surendra Shetty and K.K. Achary.

Parallel Processing and Cloud Computing
Authors:Ela Kumar, Geeta Dalal and Asha Rani.

Ubiquitous Virtual Enterprises Application and Distributed Product Development Architecture
Authors:Anju Kumari and Mohan Mudgal.

VoIP Application Integration Services: An Analysis
Authors:Anju Kumari and Mohan Mudgal.

Browser Compatibility: A Study of Print Media Sites of J&K, India
Authors:Shubhnandan S. Jamwal.








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