Global Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (GJCIR)

 Volume 6, Number 1 (2016)



Use Of Decision Support System In Management Functioning And Decision Making
Author: Avinash Pawar

A Single Neuron Pid Controller Based Pmsm Dtc Drive System Fed By Fault Tolerant 4-Switch 3-Phase Inverter
Author: Aref Akbari

Ten Dimensional Cellular Automata For Elimination Of Aging And Disease.
Authors: P.Kiran Sree And Smt Sssn Usha Devi N.

Application Of Knowledge Management In Libraries
Author: Mishra Rakesh Kumar

Attack Robustness And Security Enhancement With Dynamic Wep In Cdma-Ran
Authors: E. Venkat Reddy And K. Srinivas Rao

Reasoning Using A Case Based Fuzzy Technique
Authors: Thirumalaimuthu Thirumalaiappan Ramanathan And Dharmendra Sharma

Document Annotation With Analatic Using Content And Querying Value
Author: P. Pallavi

Privacy-Preserving Secure Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data
Authors: A.Ravikumar, Seema Parveen And M.Ashok

Smart Object Tracking System Using Matlab
Author: Basim Alhadidi

Ucda : An Underwater Image Restoration Using Rgb Color Dependability Algoritham
Authors: G. Sowmiyadevi And G. Kavitha

An Optimal Dynamic Virtual Machine Provisioning Workflows In Clouds Using Optimal Scheduling Algorithm
Authors: R. Ramya And G. Kavitha

Fuzzy Based Unsupervised Change Detection Using Grap Based Digital Surface Model
Authors: K. Ramya and G. Kavitha




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