Global Journal of Electronic and Communication Research


Volume 7  Number 1  (2016)




Social Media Use as a Communication Tool at Public Universities
Aurthors: Todd Eisert and Sridhar Ramachandran

Rectangular Slot Microstrip Antenna with L Shaped Ground for Ultra Wideband Applications
Authors: V.S. Varpe and R.P Labade

MRI Observations of Japanese Encephalitis in Newborn: An Indian Scenario
Authors: Turshar H Jaware, K B Khanchandani and Anita Zurani

Evaluation of Byzantine Consensus Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Authors: H Salama, M Goda, K Badran and M Zaki

A Self-Powered Bird Repeller for Prevention of Nesting Activity around Transmission Tower
Authors: Fuliang Le, Jiawei Luo and Gongpin Wn

Enhancing Teachers' Implementation of Active Learning Methods (The case of Bule Hora Unicersity Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences)
Authors: Lemma W/Mucgaek, Alemayehu Gashaw and Olana Angesa

Design a Prototype NIR Apparatus to Measure Dilution Ratio of Crude Oil
Authors: M.R Sangtarash and K. Salahshoor







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