Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 10  Number 1  (2014)





(r, 2, m(r-1)) - regular graphs
pp. 1-6
Authors: N.R. Santhi Maheswari and C. Sekar


On Ideal Convergent of Double Sequences in p-Adic Linear 2-Normed Spaces

pp. 7-20

Authors: B.Surender Reddy and D.Shankaraiah


Glued Sets of the 4-I-monster Deficient Point Sets
pp. 21-24
Authors: Banyat Sroysang and Thanya Saetia

Adding a Point on the 4-I-monster Deficient Point Set
pp. 25-28
Authors: Banyat Sroysang and Nattanun Tangpeerasit


Neighborhood Distinguishing Coloring number of Graphs
pp. 29-34
Authors: R. Ramar and V. Swaminathan

Cartesian Product of Fuzzy β-ideals of β-algebras
pp. 35-42
Authors: M. Abu Ayub Ansari and M. Chandramouleeswaran

Stair Like Structures in the Hysteresis Profile of Anti-ferromagnets with Extensive Interactions
pp. 43-46
Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha and Sachinandan Chanda

Selection Rejection Methodology in Hysteresis
pp. 47-51
Authors: Tapas Kumar Sinha and Sachinandan Chanda

Distance r-colouring and Distance r-chromatic Free Fixed and Totally Free Vertices in a Graphs
pp. 53-62
Authors: G. Jothi Lakshmi, A. P. Pushpalatha, S. Suganthi and V. Swaminathan

Quantum Algorithm for Bin-packing Problem by Numbering Method
pp. 63-66
Author: Toru Fujimura

Generalized Pre-semi Connectedness in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces
pp. 67-75
Authors: T. Sampoornam, Gnanambal Ilango and K. M. Arifmohammed


Time Dependent Quadratic Demand Inventory Models Under Inflation

pp. 77-85

Authors: R.Venkateswarlu and M.S.Reddy


Some Identities of Multiplicative Fibonacci Like Sequences

pp. 87-89

Authors: Sanjay Harne, V. H. Badshah and Sapna Sethiya


Generalized (α, 1) Derivations on Semirings

pp. 91-99

Authors: S.P. Nirmala Devi and M. Chandramouleeswaran


Charcterization of Intuitionsitic Fuzzy H-Ideal In Γ-Hemiring

pp. 101-112

Authors: D. Ezhilmaran and V. Krishnamoorthy


Composition Series and Decompositions of Partial Groups
pp. 113-128
Authors: M. El-Ghali M. Abdallah and Marwa. A. El-lithy


Perfect Fuzzy Matching on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graph
pp. 129137
Author: R. Seethalakshmi and R. B. Gnanajothi

On Left I-Rings, Left S-Rings, Left FGI-Rings and Left FGS-Rings
pp. 139-143
Authors: Ishaghould EBBATT, SidyDemba TOURE, Abdoulaye MBAYE and Mamadou SANGHARE

Quantum Algorithm for Minimum Sum of Squares Problem by Numbering Method
pp. 145-148
Author: Toru Fujimura






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