Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)



Volume 13  Number 10  (2017)





k-cordial Labeling of Triangular Book, Triangular Book with Book Mark & Jewel Graph
pp. 6979–6989
N.B. Rathod and K.K. Kanani

A study of exponential stability for a flexible Euler-Bernoulli beam with variable coefficients under a force control in rotation and velocity rotation
pp. 6991–7008
Bomisso G. Jean Marc, Touré K. Augustin and Yoro Gozo

Influence of non-uniform heat source/sink on stagnation point flow of a MHD Casson nanofluid flow over an exponentially stretching surface
pp. 7009-7033
Madasi Krishnaiah, Punnam Rajendar, T. Vijaya Laxmi and M. Chenna Krishna Reddy

Exact solution of the four velocity Broadwell model
pp. 7035–7050
Tinfili Natta, Kokou Anani Agosseme and Amah Séna d’Almeida

omparative study on modification and development of layers in a differentially rotating disks
pp. 7051–7057
R. Kuzhali and B. Girija

Bi-level linear programming problems involving randomness
pp. 7059–7072
G. C. Sasmal and S. K. Barik

Factorizations of Invertible Symmetric Matrices over Polynomial Rings with Involution
pp. 7073-7080
M.I. Kuchma

A Comparative Study on ZSM and LCM in Fuzzy Transportation Problem
pp. 7081-7088
B.Satheeshkumar, G.Nagalakshmi, R.Nandhini and T.Nanthini

An Interpolation Process on Laguerre Polynomial
pp. 7089-7099
R. Srivastav and Geeta Vishwakarm

Functors in the Category of Graphs
pp. 7101-7110
S.Buvaneswari and P. Alphonse Rajendran

pp. 7111-7122
Yousef A. Al-Jarrah and Mohammed A. Aljarrah

Domination Stability in Fuzzy Graphs
pp. 7123-7130
R.Jahir Hussain and S. Ameena Banu

Spectral Relaxation Method for Laminar Flow of Electrically Conducting Non-Newtonian Power Law Fluid in the Presence of Thermal Dispersion
pp. 7131-7152
Uma Maheswara Rao K and G.Koteswara Rao


On Minimal Prime filters of Almost Distributive Lattices

pp. 7153–7161

Noorbhasha Rafi, Mothukuri Balaiah and Naveen Kumar Kakumanu


Hyperbolic valued measures and Fundamental law of probability

pp. 7163–7178

Romesh Kumar and Kailash Sharma


Study of variable coefficients in parabolic distributed systems Using Penalty Function with MPQI Algorithm

pp. 7179–7192

Mohamed A. El-Sayed, Moustafa M. Salama, Mahmoud H. Farag and Fahad B. Al-Thobaiti


Oscillation of Second-Order Nonlinear Functional Dynamic Equations on Time Scales

pp. 7193–7210

S. Padmavathi


Some Estimators the Parameter of Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

pp. 7211-7227

Iden H. Alkanani and Shayma G. Salman


New web page rank method using HITS Centrality

pp. 7229-7235

N. Punithavelan and B. Jaganathan



pp. 7237-7254

A. Ibrahim  and C. Shajitha Begum


A View on Intuitionistic Smarandache Topological Semigroup Structure Spaces

pp. 7255-7270

C. Bavithra and M.K. Uma


Cycle and Path Related Near Mean Cordial Graphs

pp. 7271-7282

L. Pandiselvi, S.Navaneetha Krishnan and A.Nagarajan


Weighted Composition Operators on Cesàro Function Spaces

pp. 7283-7289

Neha Bhatia


Pathway Fractional Integral Operator and its Composition with Special Functions

pp. 7291-7300

Neeti Ghiya, N. Shivakumar and Vidya Patil


On intuitionistic B structure normal spaces

pp. 7301–7314

T. Ramya and M.K. Uma


Total Domination Polynomials - A new approach

pp. 7315–7319

Latheeshkumar A. R. and Anil Kumar V.


Harmonic Mean Technique to Solve Multi Objective Fuzzy Linear Fractional Programming Problems

pp. 7321-7329

Dr. S. Muruganandam and P. Ambika


Variants of Chebyshev Method with Ninth-Order Convergence for Solving Nonlinear Equations

pp. 7331–7338

M. N. Muhaijir, M. Imran and M. D. H. Gamal


Analysis and Impact of Al mole concentration ‘x’ in Double Heterojunction AlGaN with Source and Gate Field plated HEMT for High breakdown and High Frequency applications

pp. 7339-7352

S. Baskaran, A.Mohanbabu and N. Mohankumar


Maximization of Technical Efficiency of a Normal-Half Normal Stochastic Production Frontier Model

pp. 7353-7364

Sangeethamani. S and Mary Louis. L


Double Layered Fuzzy Planar Graph

pp. 7365-7376

J. Jon Arockiaraj and B.Rejina


Super Lehmer-3 Mean Number of Graphs

pp. 7377-7385

S.Somasundaram, S.S.Sandhya and T.S.Pavithra


Study of Blood Flow with Suspension of Nanoparticles through Tapered Stenosed Artery

pp. 7387-7399

Sapna Ratan Shah and Rohit Kumar


Lp Convergence of Higher order Hermite or Hermite-Fejér Interpolation polynomials with exponential-type weights (II)

pp. 7401–7426

Hee Sun Jung, Dong Hyun Ko and Ryozi Sakai


Blow-up Phenomena and Global Existence for a Semilinear Heat Equation with Nonlinear Neumann Boundary Condition

pp. 7427-7439

Wei Wang and ZeJian Cui


Solve Miscellaneous Mathematical Problems using Mind Map

pp. 7441-7451

Luh Putu I. Harini, Desak P. E. Nilakusmawati and I Gede S. Astawa


T1 Hypergraphs

pp. 7453–7466

Seena V. and Raji Pilakkat


T0 Hypergraphs

pp. 7467–7478

Seena V. and Raji Pilakkat


Three Dimensional Thermal Stress Analysis of Rectangular Plate Using Integral Transform Method

pp. 7479-7504

Sachin Chauthale and N W Khobragade


Thermoelastic Response of a Thick Circular Plate due to Heat Generation and its Thermal Stresses

pp. 7505-7527

Sachin Chauthale and N. W. Khobragade


MHD Flow of a Casson Fluid over an Exponentially Inclined Permeable Stretching Surface with Thermal Radiation, Viscous Dissipation and Chemical Reaction

pp. 7529-7548

M. Eswara Rao and S. Sreenadh



pp. 7549-7560

Bablu Regar C/o Narottam Kanwaria


On generalized *-n-derivations in *-rings

pp. 7561-7572

Uttam Kumar Sharma and Santosh Kumar


Simulated Annealing Conditions to Generate a New Population in Genetic Algorithm

pp. 7573-7600

G.S. Biju and A.K. Anilkumar


Simulated Annealing with Clone Operator

pp. 7601-7625

G.S. Biju and A.K. Anilkumar


On Semi Pre Generalized ωα-Closed Sets in Topological Spaces

pp. 7627-7635

M. M. Holliyavar, T. D. Rayanagoudar and Sarika M. Patil


Analytical Approximate Solutions for the Nonlinear Fractional Differential-Difference Equations Arising in Nanotechnology

pp. 7637-7652

Mohamed S. Mohamed


Oscillation Theorems for Third-Order Half-linear Delay Dynamic Equations with Damping

pp. 7653–7668

S. Padmavathi


A comparison of three different enhancements of the generalized estimating equations method in handling incomplete longitudinal binary outcome

pp. 7669–7688

Aluko Omololu S. and Mwambi H.


Intra-regular Ternary Semigroups

pp. 7689–7694

V. R. Daddi







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