Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM)




Volume 14  Number 1  (2018)






Implicative Filters of Lattice Pseudo Wajsberg Algebras

pp. 1-15

A.Ibrahim and K.JeyaLekshmi


Fractional Complex Transform for Solving the Fractional Differential Equations

pp. 17-37

A. M. S. Mahdy and G. M. A. Marai


Stolarsky-3 Mean Labeling of Some Special Graphs

pp. 39-47

S.S.Sandhya, E.Ebin Raja Merly and S.Kavitha


Exact Solution for Camassa-Holm Equations which Desribe Pseudo-Spherical Surface

pp. 49-55

Qasem Ahmad Al-Haj Abdullah and Gharib Musa Ibrahim Gharib


Fuzzy Supra Preopen sets

pp. 57-66

J.Srikiruthika and A.Kalaichelvi


An alternative derivation of the quantum Green’s function for a potential presenting a jump

pp. 67–79

B. Ben Ali and M. T. Meftah


Accuracy Monitoring of Initial Value Problem Solution by Means of Residuals using Mathematica Software

pp. 81–90

Kekana M.C., Shatalov M.Y., Moshokoa S.P. and Voges E.L.


Solving Systems of Fractional Nonlinear Equations of Emden–Fowler Type by using Sumudu transform method

pp. 91–113

Y. A. Amer, A. M. S. Mahdy and E. S. M. Youssef


Stability Analysis and Modelling of Listeriosis Dynamics in Human and Animal Populations

pp. 115–137

Shaibu Osman, Oluwole Daniel Makinde and David Mwangi Theuri


Existence of permanent oscillations for a ring of coupled van der Pol oscillators with time delays

pp. 139–152

Chunhua Feng


Intutionistic Fuzzy Statistical Study on Professionals Perception of Futuristic Transitional impacts of Digital India on Higher Education

pp. 153-159

Nivetha Martin, P.Pandiammal and W. Lilly Merline


Which polynomials represent infinitely many primes?

pp. 161-180

Feng Sui Liu


On nano πgβ-closed sets

pp. 181-187

M. Sajan Joseph, I. Rajasekaran and O. Nethaji







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