International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Technology (IJACST)


Volume 1, Number 1 (2011) 




Utilization of Statistical Estimators to Simulate Intensity Variation throughout Clear Daylight in March
Authors: Fatin E. M. Al-Obaidi, Dr. Ali A. D. Al-Zuky
and Dr. Amal M. Al-Hillou


An Approach for Automated Retrieval of Biomolecule’s Information from Biological Literature
Authors:Shailendra Singh and Amardeep Singh


Accessibility of Internet Semantic Email Address Modeling
Authors:V. Ganesan and C. Suresh Gnana Dhas


Comparative Investigations on Response of E-mail, HTTP, FTP, Remote Login for Hybrid and IPv6 Networks
Authors:Navneet Gill1, Manoj Kumar and Manju Sharma


A Smart Card based Human Tracking Approach: Application to Criminal Enquiry Assistance
Authors:Siva Phanindra Daggubati


Evaluation of Dense Two Frame Stereo Correspondence Algorithm to Define the Depth Cues from Imaging Sensors
Authors:B. Vijayalakshmia, B. Sheelaranib and N. Manoharanc


Policies in Dynamic Spectrum Access

pp. 67-72

Author: Ashok Kumar


Factors Influencing the Data Warehouse Implementation
pp. 77-81
Authors: Nitika Arora

Conquering Costs and Complexity through Advanced Warehouse Management Solutions
pp. 73-76
Authors: Nitika Arora




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