International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Technology (IJACST)


Volume 2, Number 1 (2012) 




Manipulate of Effort Associated Variables on Human Errors in Depth


Authors: Prof. (Dr.) B. Anandampillai, K.Gunasekaran, R. Balamanigandan andT.Balamurugan


Evaluation of Threads Mapping on Multi Core Architecture
pp. 13-21
Authors: Sheshappa S.N., Ramakrishnan K.V. and G. Appa Rao

Assessment of Internet Use and Effects amongst General Practitioner in Non Metro Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad of India
pp. 23-31
Author: Syed Murtuza Hussain Bakshi

Talking to Windows a Multi-language Speech Enabled Windows Application
pp. 33-38
Authors: Mamta Hegde, Guranant Singh, Gundeep Singh, Tushar Pruthi and Saransh Data

Survey for Analysis and Monitoring the SQL Injection Attack
pp. 39-43
Authors: Ashwini U. Dakhode and Dr. P. R. Deshmukh

Design and Implementation of Fast and Efficient Image Compression using SPIHT Algorithm

pp. 45-52
Authors: Hemalatha K.L. and Kavitha C

Comparison Study of Various Cluster Based Routing Protocols in VANET
pp. 53-61
Authors: Anjali Verma and Dr. Sapna Gambhir

Automatic Luminal Border Detection in IVUS Images: A Textural Approach

pp. 63-71
Authors: Shahed Mohammadi, Reihaneh Daneshmand, Mohammadreza Yazchi and M. Surendra Prasad Babu
Development of a Quran Recitation Validator using Speech Recognition for Non-Native Arabic Speakers

pp. 73-83
Authors: D. Daman, S.M. Halawani and Zaitun A.B.




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