International Journal of Applied Physics (IJAP)


Volume 2  Number 1  (2012)




Structural Investigation of B2O3-Na2CO3-CuO Glasses by Molar Volume Measurements and FTIR Spectroscopy
Authors: V. Bhardwaj, S.P. Singh, Devinder Singh, Gopi Sharma and Gurmel S. Mudahar


Thermoluminescence in Li2B4O7:Cu,Ag,P phosphors


Authors: S. Nabadwip Singh, A. Nabachandra Singh and B. Arunkumar Sharma


Computer Modeling of the Band Bending in Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer Solar Cells

pp. 13-20

Authors: Rached Djaaffar and Madani Yssaad Habib


Computerized Glow Curve Deconvolution in the Thermoluminescence of Borate Glass

pp. 21-28

Authors: S. Nabadwip Singh


A Simple Silicon-On-Insulator Technology-Compatible Design of 12 Optical Splitter based on Field Matching Y-Branch with S-Bend  Waveguide and Study the Variation of Wavelength with Transmitted Power

pp.  29-37

Authors: Naga Raju Pendam and C.P. Vardhani


Size Dependence of Transport Property in Ce1-xZrxO2 (x = 0.2-0.8) 39-52 Solid Solution

pp.  29-37

Authors: M. Kalpana and B. Nalini


Barotropic Oscillations of Differentially Rotating Roche-Models 

pp. 53-62

Authors: Sunil Kumar, A.K. Lal, V.P. Singh and H.G. Sharma





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