International Journal of Applied Physics (IJAP)

Volume 2  Number 3 (2012)




A Simple Method to find the Thermodynamics of Harmonic Oscillators
pp. 137-140
Authors: R. K. Sathish and Udayanandan K.M.

Theoretical Analysis of Varying Densities in C60
pp. 141-146
Authors: K.A.Vijayalakshmi and K. Seema

Structural and Magnetic Properties of Nano-sized Zn Substituted MnFe2O4 Particles
pp. 147-157
Authors: Pratibha Rao, Sheetal Chalke and Sunita Bhagwat


Comparison of EAS Muon Energy Spectra at Sea level with EPOS and QGSJET-II using CORSIKA
pp. 159-165
Authors: Chabin Ch. Thakuria and K. Boruah


Multi-phase Sequence Detection System using Microcontroller
pp. 167-181
Authors: Dr. R. Padmasuvarna and M. Vijaya Bhaskar

Energy Diffusion Rate of Resonant Electrons at Middle Latitudes
pp. 183-189
Authors: Anil Kumar and D.P. Singh

A Comparison of Tumor Control Probability for Cases of Brain Tumor given Teletherapy with Gamma Photon of Co-60 and 6 MV X-rays.
pp. 191-196
Authors: A.K. Srivastava, Prof. I. Mehrotra and Dr. S.P. Mishra

Cosmological Electromagnetic Mass and Viscous Fluid Distribution In General Relativity
pp. 197-207
Authors: U. K. Panigrahi and Bishnukar Nayak


Roll of oxygen in human electrocardiogram.
pp. 209-211
Authors: Sonali S. Sakhare and Dr. B. H. Pawar

Terahertz radiation generation by optical rectification of a surface plasma wave pulse
pp. 213-220
Authors: Ekta Mishra, N.K.Gaur, S.K.Mahajan, Harsha Jaloree and J.Parashar

Estimation of Ultra High Energy Neutrino Nucleon Cross Sections
pp. 221-230
Authors: Rupjyoti Gogoi and D K Choudhury

Frozen-in Condition of Ions and Dust Grains in Magnetized Molecular Clouds.
pp. 231-234
Authors: Palash Borah and Anil Ch. Borah





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