International Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (IJCCE)




Volume 9  Number 1 (2019) 





The Effective Implementation of The Security Policy Of The Natural Environment
Zhouzhou Li, Shanzhi Chen, Bo Hu, Yanping Xu and Chunhua Wu

Measuring The Position of Current-Carrying Conductor Based On Mathematical Model Ajusted By The Method of Full-Scale Model Experiment
Kangfeng Zheng

Design of Wells In Case of Water Coning
Xu Wang

The Analysis of Influence of The Temperature-Time Mode on Process of Preparation of The Composite Bitumen Binder
S.N. Shabaev, S.A. Ivanov and E.M. Vakhyanov

Methodological Grounds of Study ofLight-Emitting Diode Illumination Effectiveness
Xinxin Niu

The Analysis of Structure Bituminous Knitting, Modified By A Rubber Crumb
Jian An

Safety Mechanism For Multi-Factor Authentication With Digital Access Key Use In Closed Virtual Environment Of Distributed Information Resources
Tianliang Lu

The Elements Of General Theory Of The Systems In Terms Of System-Object Approach Of Unit-Function-Object
Pan Yang

Influence Of Sodium Arsenate (V) On The Content Of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds In Soil
Xiaolin Gui






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