International Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (IJCCE)




Volume 9  Number 2 (2019) 





Characterization of Nanoclays and Incorporation in Copolymer of Styrene-Ethylene-Propylene-Styrene (SEPS)
Tsutomu Yoshinaga

Curing Kinetic Study of Epoxy Toughened by Precipitated Calcium Carbonate from Industrial Waste
Xianfu Chen, Tutomu Murase and Yusheng Ji

Thermal and Tensile Properties of PVA and Wood flour Composites
Suhua Tang

Synthesis of Zeolite Y from Kaolin Using Novel Method of Dealumination
Sadao Obana and Yujin Lim

Removal of Copper (II) by Adsorption on Biomass Carbon Derived from Pongamia (Pongamia pinnata) Leaf
Jaesung Park

Effect of Particle Size of Alum Waste Addition on properties of Ordinary Portland Cement Mortar
Yuwen Chen

Effect of the Sulfonation on Proton Exchange Membrane Synthesized from Polyvinyl Alcohol for Fuel Cell
Josť-Fernán Martínez

Effect of Biodegradable Polypropylene Additive on the Nucleation Intensity and Growth Rate of Isotactic Polypropylene Spherulites
Pedro Castillejo







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