International Journal of Computational Sciences and Engineering (IJCSE)


Volume 10 Number 1  (2020)






Netflix Ranking by Combination of K-Nearest Neighbour and Singular Value Decomposition
pp. 1-10
Ms.Monica. M, Mrs. Chitra. K, Mr. Dinesh and Mr. Dinesh Kumar. R


Edge of Automated Intelligence in Healthcare for Detection and Prediction of Sepsis
pp. 11-24
Aishwarya Sandra and Lingaraju G M

Opinion Mining on Restaurant Rating Based on Aspects
pp. 25-34
Mr. Kavin Prakash.M, Mr. Aravinths. S, Ms. Hari Nesha. D and Ms. Monica. M


Production and Partial Characterization of an amylase from the Moderately Alklo-halothermophilic Bacillus coagulans MTCC 9707
Yiqin Lu and Meng Wang

Research on Architectural Planning that Supports the Free Learning Semester Program School Curriculum in Middle Schools
Pengsen Huang and Mervat Mikhail

Indoor radon mitigation in South K
Yasmine Abouelseoud

The Study of Structuring of the Limy Composition with the Additive Based on Synthetic Zeolite
Galal ElKobrosy

Evidence of Fibrinolytic Protease in the Latex of Synadenium Grantii Hook f
Murat Dener












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