International Journal of Educational Administration: Challenges and Prospects 


Volume 2 Number 3 (2010)




Leadership Change in Educational Institution: Contrasting Students and Faculty
pp. 471-481
Authors: Saqib Ilyas and M. Farooq Hussain

The Level of Teachers’ Participation in Decision Making Process at Higher Educational Institutions: A Case of Adama University
pp. 483-494
Authors: Asefa Abahumna

Regional Variations in the Levels of Rural Education in Aligarh District 
pp. 495-506
Authors: Arshi Azmi and Deepika Varshney

Knowledge Management Cycle: A Case Study at Institute of Management Research & Education (IMRE)
pp. 507-519
Authors: Hassan Darvish, Saeed Kharaghani and Minoo Selseleh

Assessment of Health Profile and General Mental Ability among the Students of School of Excellence, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
pp. 521-526
Authors: K.K.N. Sharma and Anil Kumar Shrivastava

Facing the Challenges Head on Technical Teaching and How Far the Industry Solves It
pp. 527-531
Authors: P. Vipeesh and P.X. Shajan

Compulsions and Strategies for Value Based Pedagogy in Emerging Education
pp. 533-545
Authors: B. Bhargava Teja

Perceived Leadership Capacities of Malaysian Principals 
pp. 547-560
Authors: Sailesh Sharma

Empowering Indian Women through Distance Learning and Hence Contributing in the Social and Economic Development of the Nation
pp. 561-571
Authors: Meena Laad

Perceptions with Regard to the Responsibilities of School Principals in the Democratic Management of South African Schools
pp. 573-587
Authors: RJ (Nico) Botha




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