International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology (IJEET)



Volume 9, Number 2 (2019)





Challenges for India for Achieving Target of Electric Buses and Cars by 2030
pp. 91-104
Dr. S N Saxena

Generation of Electricity through Bicycle and Solar Energy
pp. 105-119
Anoop Kumar and Dr. V.A Kulkarni

Different Approaches to Writing Calculation Programmes with the 68K Motorola Microprocessor Assembly Language and with High Level Language
pp. 121-134
Sajid M. Sheikh, Thato Kabo Chimidza and Olebogeng Bulawayo

A Study on the Effects of Macro Block Size used in Error Resilient Transmission Techniques
Lourdes López and Javier Gomez

A Review on Emotion Recognition of Speech Signal using Multiclass SVM
Juan Carlos Torrado

Electromagnetic Force and Deformation in Transformer Winding
Germán Montoro and R. Magueta





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