International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science  (IJEMS)



Volume 6, Number 1  (2016)




Sustainable manufacturing concepts: adapt or perish. A case study of the textile & apparel industry in Mauritius
Authors : Devkumar S Callychurn

Wear Characteristics of Al 6061, Fly Ash and E-glass fiber MMCs: A Taguchi Approach
Authors : Arun Kumar M.B and R.P. Swamy

Critical Stress Analysis of a Formula One Racing Car Wishbone Suspension System
Authors : ThankGod Enatimi Boye and Chinedum Ogonna Mgbemena

Factors Affecting The Quality Of Technical Education System
Authors : S K.Kondhalkar, G S. More, S D. Bonde, S A.Jathade, I K.Khan, M G.Panjwani, R R.Shukla and N.K.Mandavgade

Development and Evaluation of a Palm Fruit Thresher
Authors : Idowu D. O., Olaniran J. A., Adebayo J. M and T.B. Onifade

Marker Based Augmented Reality Application in Education: Teaching and Learning
Authors : Gayathri D , OmKumar S and Sunitha Ram C

An Analytic On Definitions Of Quality In Quality Management A Comprehensive Literature Revisit.
Author : K C Prashantha and Veena M.

Impact of TQM practices on Economic Performance at Working Iron and Steel Firms of Hyderabad-Karnataka Region.
Authors : K C Prashanth and Veena M.

Strengthening of Poly Methylmethacrylate (Pmma) by Nanosized Silica
Authors: Ch.Zephaniah and Ch.Nagamani

Solar Based Fully Automatic Multipurpose Vechile used in Agriculture-Auto Drill, Seed, Sprayer
Authors: P.Naresh, A.V.Hari Babu, M.Sudhakar Reddy, S.Ramesh Kumar babu and Subba Rao

A Performance of a Window Air Conditioner Using Alternative Refrigerants R22 AND R290
Authors : S.Varun raj and A.Muthu Manokar

A New Energy-Efficient Pumping Unit Applied in the Oilfield.
Author: Juan Li.

A Research on Traditinally Avilable Sugarcane Crushers.
Authors : Prakruthi N Raj Gangadkar, Chowde Gowda and N.B.L Prasad.

Manufacturing Enhancement in Car Body Shop Line
Authors: C.S.Sundar Ganesh and C. Praveen Kumar


Assessment of Carbon Monoxide in the Proximity of Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi, India

Authors: Ghanshyam


Prediction of Carbon Monoxide Concentration in the Nearfield of Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg using Caline-4

Authors: Ghanshyam


Temporal Variation of Carbon Monoxide Concentration in the Nearfield of Urban Roadways

Authors: Ghanshyam


Carbon Monoxide Prediction in the Vicinity of Urban Roadways, New Delhi, India, Using Caline-4

Authors: Ghanshyam


Carbon Monoxide Prediction Modelling At Non-Signalized Roadway Intersection
Authors: Ghanshyam





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