International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science  (IJEMS)



Volume 7, Number 2  (2017)



Innovative Weathering Course Composites & Secondary Roofing System for Thermal Insulation of Flat Roofs

pp. 117-148

Author: Elias A. Latiff, M. Mohamed Iburahim and M.S. Haji Sheik Mohammed


Comparative Study of Hyper Elastic Material Models

pp. 149-170

Author: Sneha Ramena and Arthesh Basak


Isoparametric line Sampling Strategy for Evaluation of Lower Degree Free form surface using Contact Measurement

pp. 171-180

Author: Goitom Tesfay, T.S.S. Prasad and Rega Rajendra


Urban Air Quality Monitoring and Modelling A Review

pp. 181-202

Author: Ghanshyam


A Review on Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites by Friction Stir Processing

pp. 203-224

Author: D.S.Chandra Mouli, R. Uma Maheswara Rao and A. Sarath Kumar


Behavioral Study of Mechanical Properties and Machining of Composite Material Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy

pp. 225-235

Author: Mohit Raj and Neeraj Kumar

An Experimental Investigations on Machining Parameters in Micro-drilling Process

pp. 237-248

Author: Ranadhir R Landge and Atul B Borade


Experimental Analysis on TIG welding process parameters of dissimilar metals SS304-SS202 using Taguchi Method

pp. 249-258

Author: Anmoljeet Singh and Rutash Mittal


Finite Element Analysis of Hydroforming Components (Bellows) Using ANSYS

pp. 259-272

G. Jagan Naik, M. Devaiah and Pogu Raamcharaaun


Influence of Trivalent Gadolinium (Gd3+) on structural and optical properties of Titania

pp. 273-279

S. Ezhil Arasi, M. Victor Antony Raj and J. Madhavan


Performance Analysis of Pulsating Heat Pipes Using Various Fluids

pp. 281-291

D. Raghurami Reddy,K. Harshavardhan Reddy and N. Balajiganesh


Additive Manufacturing & composite A review

pp. 293-307

Mohammad Arif, Dr. Mohammad Asif and Dr. Israr Ahmed


Investigation Into Flow Field of Centrifugal Pump Impeller
pp. 309-318
B.Subbarao, Dr. E.Ramjee, M. Devaiah and T. Siva Prasad

Channel Modelling- Parameters and Conditions to be Considered

pp. 319-325
S. Venkateswarlu and Ch.Radika Rani

Surface Roughness analysis of powder metallurgy components from low and high carbon content ferrous powders
pp. 327-338
B.B.Pani and S.K.Khuntia

An Improvised Quality Aware PSA Channel Estimation Algorithm Based on S-DCT With Rayleigh Distribution over AWGN Distribution
pp. 339-349
Ramesh.S, vishnu Kandukuri and sudhamalla Kiran

Parametric Simulation and Optimization of FSW Process
pp. 351-362
T.Pavan Kumar and P.Prabhakar Reddy

Soil temperature Sensors in Agriculture and the role of Nanomaterials in Temperature Sensors Preparation
pp. 363-372
Almaw Ayele Aniley, Naveen Kumar S.K. and Akshaya Kumar A


An Effective Examination on OFDM Performance Characteristics for Wireless Broadband Applications

pp. 373-381

Sudhamalla Kiran, Ramesh.S and Vijay kanth pullugujju


Novel Fault Resistant D-Latch for Low Power VLSI Design

pp. 383-391

Sumitra Singar, N. K. Joshi and P.K.Ghosh


Advanced Composite Material for Aerospace Application-a Review

pp. 393-409

Mohammad Arif, Mohammad Asif and Israr Ahmed


Simple Synthesis and Characterization of V2O5 Nanoparticles by Microwave Assisted Wet Chemical Method

pp. 411-417

Nalini S, Selvakumar B and Periasamy P






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