International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science  (IJEMS)



Volume 8, Number 2  (2018)



Study on AISI1045 Material for Various Applications: An over View

pp. 125-144

U.Vishnuja and G.B.Bhaskar


Performance Analysis of Multi-Product Systems on Conwip, KCS and Ekcs For Number of Kanbans Per Stage

pp. 145-152



Robustness Analysis of Predictive Controller for Boiler Turbine Process under Model Perturbation
Feng Li and Kwok-Yan Lam

Performance Analysis of Hexagonal Node Design For Packet-Switched NoC on FPGA

Feng Li

A Probability Learning Model for Constructing Artificial Minds

Li Wang

Performance Evaluation of Multi-threaded Flash Translation Layer

Zhenyu Na

The Temperature Influence on Sisal Fiber Activated Carbon

Xin Liu

Evolution of High Speed Railway Communication system towards 5G: A Unique Scalable Model using Distributed Mobile Relays

Qing Pan

A Judgment of Intoxication using Hybrid Analysis with Pitch Contour Compare (HAPCC) in Speech Signal Processing

Hyun-Jun Shin and Kyoung-Woo Cho





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