International Journal of Environmental Science : Development and Monitoring (IJESDM)


Volume 4, Number 1  (2013) 





Experimental Investigations for the Production of Biodiesel from Algae Oil using Trans-Esterification Method.


Authors:Niraj S. Topare, V.C. Renge, Satish V. Khedkar,Y.P. Chavan and S.L. Bhagat


Control of Flood on Settlements: An Analysis on Dwarka River Basin of Eastern India

pp. 9-14

Author: Priyanka Das


Biodegradation of Cyanide from Gold Tailings: A Review
pp. 15-20
Authors: Suman Patil and S.K. Sarangi

Survey of the Leaf Litter Invertebrates in and Around Areas of Maruthamali Hills, Bharathiar University Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India
pp. 21-26
Authors: Mohana Panneer Selvam, Chinnapan Gunasekaran, Agnes Deepa Amalanthan and Shyni



Continuous Monitoring for water quality in Lake Qaroun (Egypt) and Its Association with Primary Productivity
pp. 27-37
Authors: Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-Monem


Geochemical analysis of soils using GIS from parts of midland and lowland areas in Thrissur District, Kerala.
pp. 39-50
Authors: Praseedakumari M., Deviprasad A.G. and Manoharan A.N.


Carnivore Sign Survey in Fringe Villages of Upper Nilgiris
pp. 51-58
Authors: Shameer T.T., Mohan G., Nazia A. and Sanil R.





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