International Journal of Environmental Science : Development and Monitoring (IJESDM)


Volume 4, Number 1-2  (2013) 





Performance Evaluation of Modified UASB Reactor for Treating Brewery Effluent

pp. 1-7

Authors: R. Sivakumar and V. Sekaran


Waste Management and its Implication to Modern Life

pp. 9-11

Authors: Tirthankar Choudhury and Arjun Das


Global Warming And Resulting Climate Change

pp. 13-15

Author: Tirthankar Choudhury


Combined Toxicity of Industrial Effluents on the Larvae of Dragonfly Bradinophyga Germinate (Rambur) (Anisoptera) Libelludae
pp. 17-20
Author:  A. Parithabhanu and K.J. Khusnuma Begam

Optical Analysis of Chrysotile Depending on Concentration and Cellophane Sheet
pp. 21-27
Author:  Hosang Ahn, ,Byungkwon Jung,DaeGyu Jang and Jin Chul Joo1















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