International Journal of Engineering Studies



Volume 10, Number 2 (2018)





Performance analysis of Neural Network based classification technique for Mammogram Images
Wenwen Zhou

Modeling and Simulation of Crank Slider Mechanism using Bond Graph Approach: A Case Study

Wenwen Zhou

MPEG-2 and ECC Security in DCT Domain

Wenwen Zhou

Optical Flow Based Velocity Estimation for Vision based Navigation of Aircraft

Yang Xu, Ji Liu and Yongjie Tan

A Study on the Posture Based Control of Robotic Fixation Device

Yang Xu and Ji Liu

Comprehensive Survey Of Coupling Metrics In Object-Oriented Software

Ji Liu

Slag-Soil Composites Application for Service Performance Enhancement of the Roads with Low Traffic Density

Yongjie Tan, Limei Sun and Siqin Wu

Two-Level Multiple Face Detection Algorithm Based on Local Feature Search and Structure Recognition Methods.

Zili Zhu





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