International Journal of Engineering Studies



Volume 10, Number 4 (2018)





Building Efficient Classifiers For Intrusion Detection With Reduction of Features
Xiaoming Wang and Ju-min Zhao

A Novel Approach for Video Frame Interpolation using Cubic Motion Compensation Technique
Xiaoming Wang

An Easy and not Invasive Method for Virtual Ergonomic Analysis and Redesign of Workplaces: The Case of the Pizzeria at University of Salerno

Ding Feng

Factor Analysis for Women in Engineering Education Program to Increase the Retention Rate of Female Engineering Student
Deng-ao Li and Wei Gong

Detection and Tracking over Image Pyramids using Lucas and Kanade Algorithm

Hao-xiang Liu and Shi-min Huo

Performance Analysis of Patient Monitoring Wireless Body Area Networks using Queueing Models

An Wang and Yu Zhang





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