International Journal of Engineering Studies


Volume 2, Number 1 (2010)




A Brilliant Exposition of Quantum Well Lasers 
pp. 1-6
Authors: Kirti Vishwakarma, M. Ramrakhiani and O.P. Vishwakarma

Analytical Survey of Concurrent Mark Sweep, Incremental, Serial and Parallel Garbage Collectors in Multithreaded Environments
pp. 7-14
Authors: Shubhnandan S. Jamwal and Devanand

Removal of Zinc Ions from Aqueous Solution by Ficus Benghalensis L.: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies
pp. 15-28
Authors: N. Rakesh, P. Kalpana, T.V.R Naidu and M. Venkateswara Rao


Finite Element Analysis of Continuous Confined Strip Shearing (C2S2) Process
pp. 2935
Authors: K. K. Pathak, G. Agnihotri and Virendra Titariya

Vibration Measurement in an I.C. Engine Using Data Acquisition System
pp. 3743
Authors: Umesh Kantute, Nilaj N. Deshmukh and S.H. Kulkarni

Frequency of Vibration Affecting Crack Location and Crack Growth Rate of a Vibrating Cantilever Beam
pp. 4548
Authors: RS. Prasad, SC. Roy, KP Tyagi and MN. Khan

A Study on the Effect of Blank Thickness on Residual Stresses in Deep Drawing 
pp. 4958
Authors: P.V.R. Ravindra Reddy, G. Chandra Mohan Reddy and T.A. Janardhan Reddy

A Glimpse of an Effective Cohort Program for Undergraduate Students to Promote Engineering
pp. 5966
Authors: Rafic A. Bachnak, Rohitha Goonatilake, Tongdan Jin and Fethi Belkhouche


Improvement of Input Side Currents of a Three Phase Rectifier Using Cúk Converter in Discontinuous- Capacitor-Voltage Mode Operation
pp. 6774 
Authors: Md. Raju Ahmed and M. J. Alam

Power Factor Improvement by Pulse Width Modulated Switched Single Capacitor
pp. 7580
Authors: Md. Raju Ahmed and M. J. Alam

Multiobjective Optimization of EGR Map using Feed Back Type EGR Valve for Emission and Fuel Economy
pp. 8188
Authors: Shakti Kumar Singh, Manish Ugale and Prashant K Gaware

Towards A Deep Understanding of the Stepped MMF Wave Packets of Linear Induction Machines
pp. 89103
Authors: Mostafa M. Shalaby, Mohammed F. Salem, Atef A. Khazbak and Sherif M. E. Ismael

Heat and Mass Transfer Study of Liquid Desiccant with Heat Exchanger by Solar Cooling Technology
pp. 105118
Authors: Naresh Kumar, G. Srivastava and Brijesh Gangil





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