International Journal of Engineering Studies


Volume 2, Number 2 (2010)




Evaluation of Non Linear Response of Beams by Symplectic Integration Method
pp. 119-134
Authors: R. R. Dash, S.C. Mohanty and T. Rout

Robust Image Segmentation Based on Optimal Thresholding 
pp. 135-144
Authors:  N. Natarajan, P. Seetal and G. Suresh Kumar

Swelling Properties of Bio-enzyme Treated Expansive soil 
pp. 145-159
Authors:  Sureka Naagesh and S. Gangadhara

A Traditional Logistics Problem 
pp. 161-170
Authors:  Muhammad Latif and Chris Saunders

Fluoride Contamination in Groundwater of Patan District, Gujarat, India 
pp. 171-177
Authors:  Patel Payal and S.A. Bhatt

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving: Concepts, Tools and Applications 
pp. 179-196
Authors:  M. Shanmugaraja, M. Nataraj and N. Gunasekaran

Evaluation of Chloride Ion Penetration on Concrete Using AR-Glass Fibres 
pp. 197-204
Authors:  K. Chandramouli, P. Srinivasa Rao, N. Pannirselvam, T. Seshadri Sekhar and P. Sravana

Comparative Study of Total Harmonic Distortion for Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter
pp. 205-212
Authors:  Ranitesh Gupta

Use of SCADA Systems in Power System Automation 
pp. 213-222
Authors:  A.S. Siddiqui and Aziz Ahmad

Hardware Based: Dynamic Branch Prediction for Microprocessors Energy Reduction in Portable Systems
pp. 223-235
Authors:  Diary Rawoof Sulaiman

Quantifying Incremental Low Pause and Train Garbage Collectors 
pp. 237-244
Authors:  Shubhnandan S. Jamwal and Devanand

A Novel Approach to Design Split-Loop DPLL 
pp. 245-250
Authors:  B. Chaterjee, S. Sarkar and B.N. Biswas




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