International Journal of Engineering Studies


Volume 2, Number 4 (2010)




The Link between System Complexity and the Drill Bit Failure 
pp. 359-368
Authors: Hakki Erhan Sevil and Serhan Ozdemir

Adsorption of Lead and Zinc from Aqueous Solution using Ficus Benghalensis L. as Adsorbent
pp. 359-384
Authors: L. Nageswara Rao, G. Prabhakar and Shaik Feroz

Numerical Analysis of Low-Profile Inverted-F and Wideband Loaded Inverted-F Antennas for 5 GHz WLAN Applications
pp. 385-392
Authors: Debabrata Kumar Karmokar, Md. Arafat Hossain and Khaled Mahbub Morshed

An Adaptive Technique to Implement Disk Security 
pp. 393-397
Authors: Minal Moharir and A.V. Suresh

Evaluation of Deep Drawability of Sheet Metals through Finite Element Analysis
pp. 399-403
Authors: G. Chandramohan Reddy and R. Uday Kumar

Web-Enabled Java Framework Task Scheduler Simulator (A Teaching Tool) 
pp. 405-413
Authors: C. Yaashuwanth and R. Ramesh

Thermodynamic Simulation of Performance of Combined Cycle with Variation of Cycle Peak Temperature & Specific Heat Ratio of Working Fluid
pp. 415-424
Authors: A.K. Tiwari, Mohd. Islam, M.M. Hasan and M.N. Khan

Body Fat Analysis through Bio Electrical Impedance 
pp. 425-431
Authors: P. Vipeesh and P.X. Shajan

Preliminary Geotechnical Investigations of the Rock Mass around Dhamar City, Republic of Yemen
pp: 433-443
Authors: Ali Hussein Ali Al-Sanabani and M.R. Janardhana

Decision Support System for Risk Quantification in Construction Projects
pp. 445-454
Authors: R.C. Walke, Vinay Topkar and Sajal Kabiraj

JIT Based Quality Management and Issues of Implementation 
pp. 455-464
Authors: Vikas Kumar


Performance Evaluation of Copper Coated Spark Ignition Engine with Gasohol with Catalytic Converter
pp. 465-473
Authors: M.V.S. Murali Krishna, K. Kishor, P.V.K. Murthy,A.V.S.S.K.S. Gupta and S. Narasimha Kumar

Studies on Filtration Characteristics of Lime Using Discontinuous Pressure Filter
pp. 475-480
Authors: M. Gangadhar, V. Nageswara Rao and P. Rajendra Prasad


Effect of Supplementary Heating on the Performance of Combined Cycle
Authors: B.B. Arora, J.N. Rai and Naimul Hasan


Design of 8GHz Microstrip Patch Antenna Array

pp. 491-496

Authors: Khalid Muzaffar




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