International Journal of Engineering Studies


Volume 3, Number 1 (2011)




Annual Performance Analysis of Flat Plate Collector Coupled with Passive Solar Still
pp. 1-11
Authors: Hitesh N Panchal, Ranvirgiri Goswami, Parth D Patel and Shailesh N Chaudhary

Optimization of Machining time at Multi-pass Turning in Heavy Machining Operation
pp. 13-20
Authors: Vipin, B. B. Arora and R.S. Mishra

Performance of Single Cylinder DI Diesel Engine: Varied Compression Ratio Fueled with Blends of Ethanol
pp. 21-31
Authors: Milind S. Patil, R.S. Jahagirdar and Eknath R. Deore

Design to Control the Thermal Process in a Water Bath System using a Genetic Based Neuro-Fuzzy Controller
pp. 33-40
Authors: Vishal R. Rathee and L.O.Mangar

Distributed Data Mining: Server Selection and Query Processing based on Communication Costs
pp. 41-45
Authors: D. Aruna Kumari and K. Raja Sekhar Rao

Study on Emission Characteristics of 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Fueled with Biogas/L.P.G. Blends
pp. 47-55
Authors: Meda Chandra Sekhar, Venkata Ramesh Mamilla and K. Vijayakumar Reddy

Analysis and Guided Knock Control for Turbocharged SI Engine 
pp. 57-69
Authors: Jagtap Harishchandra, Sarat C. Prasad, Baste Sachin and Ravindra Koli


Staggering of Pressure Relief Valves for High Capacity Discharge at Low Pressure
Authors: Sagar Luthra, B.B. Arora and Madhur Gupta, Shrey Kumar, Souvik Mukherjee and Yash Kataruka




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