International Journal of Engineering Studies (IJES)


Volume 4, Number 3, (2012)




D.C Conductivity in Ternary System of CGs : Ge10Se90-xBiand Ge20Se80-xBix

pp. 169-178
Authors: S.K. Srivastava, Krishna K. Srivastava, Shiveom Srivastava and Narayan P. Srivastava


An Improved Wood Cook Stove Model and Its Validation
pp. 179-194
Authors: Bhoopendra Kumar, S. K. Shukla, and Mukesh Kumar Singh


Advanced Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Wireless Channel Equalization
pp. 195-205
Authors: Madhukar S. Chavan, M.Tech., Dr. Rajan H.Chile, and Dr. Shashikant R.Sawant

A Multi-Class Non-Continuum Traffic Flow Model for Congestion Analysis
pp. 207-229
Authors: T. Ajitha, L. Vanajakshi and S.C. Subramanian

Design Criteria of Micro Hydro Power Plant at Gumti River, Tripura, India
pp. 231-236
Authors: Kaberi Majumdar, Sekhar Datta Pankaj Kr. Roy and Asis Mazumdar

Prediction of Organic Soil Settlement Using Deformation Parameters and Hyperbolic Method
pp. 237-247
Authors: Adel A. AL-Raziqi, Bujang B.K. Huat


Impact of Online Learning on the Variables, Students having Experience in Sending / Receiving E-Mail and E-Learning

Authors: Dr. C. Anita


The 3-Dimensional Theory of High Speed Linear Induction Motors

Authors: Sherif M. E. Ismaeel, Mostafa M. Shalaby, Mohammed F. Salem, Atef M. Khazbak, and M. E. Ismaeel






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