International Journal of Engineering Studies



Volume 8, Number 2 (2016)






A Feasible Study of Lean Manufacturing: An expert approach
pp. 107-115
A.K. Madan and Er. Sanjeev Jain


QOS improvement in Mesh Network using traffic offloading through 2G/3G Networks
pp. 117-128
Nanda P and Josephine Prem Kumar


Study on Sand Particles Drying in a Fluidized Bed Dryer using CFD
pp. 129-145
Jibin Antony and M.B. Shyamkumar

The Numerical Solution of Chua-Nonlinear Tumor Model by Three Different Transform Methods
pp. 147-158
M.G. Fajlul Kareem1 and P.S. Sehik Uduman


Semantic-based Web Mining Approach for Solving First Rate and Sparsity Problems in Recommendation Systems
pp. 159-166
R. Shanthi and S.P. Rajagopalan


Low Power Correlative Register Sequencing for Content Addressable Memory
pp. 167-185
K.Suresh Kumar, Y.Rajasree Rao and K.Manjunathachari

Trusted Secure Geographic Routing Protocol for Detecting Insider Attacks in MANET
pp. 187-197
Aruna Rao S.L. and K.V.N. Sunitha


Optimal Node Selection and Alarm Exchange Technique for Reducing the Security Cost and False Positives in MANET

pp. 199-210

Jayashree S Patil and K.V.N. Sunitha


Numerical Analysis Of Fe3O4 Nanofluid Flow in a Double Pipe U-Bend Heat Exchanger

pp. 211-224

N.T.Ravi Kumar, L.Syam Sundar and P. Bhramara


Co-Gasification of Sewage Sludge with Coal A Waste to Energy Conversion Approach

pp. 225-232

S. Gowtham Raj, S. Mahesh Kumar, C. Sakthivel, R. Tamilmaran and V. Kondusamy


Strategic Management Practices in Indian Cement Industry and its Growth A Case Study of Selected Cement Companies
pp. 233-246
N.C. Bansal and Sunil Kumar


Application of Wavelet Transform Technique for Extraction of Partial Discharge Signal in a Transformer
pp. 247-258
S.Raghunath Sagar and S.V.L.Narasimham

Reducing of a Scalling in a Cooling Tower by Areation Process
pp. 259-275
K. Naveena Latha, P. Ram Reddy , D.V. Ravi Shankar and P. Venkateshwar Reddy

Stabilization in Road Construction with RBI Grade 81 Using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 277-295
T. Dhanasekar and P.Rajakumar

Analytical Study of Reed-Solomon Error Probability
pp. 297-304
Nitin S. Sonar and R.R. Mudholkar


Common Fixed Points of Pseudo Compatible Mappings in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Spaces
pp. 305-319





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