International Journal of Material Sciences and Technology (IJMST)


Volume 3  Number 1-2  (2013)





An Analysis to the Cryogenic Strength of Al-2024 Alloy

pp. 1-5

Authors: Amit Kumar Maheshwari, Sachchida Nand and S.P. Narayan


Design of Optimization of Parameters for Sintered Dry Bearing Material Based on Taguchi Method

pp. 7-13

Authors: Mrs. P.S. Gajjal, Dr. G.S. Lathkar and Dr. H. Bagchi


Studies on Effect of Heat Treatment and Air Quench Age Hardening on Microstructure, Strength, Abrasive Wear Behaviour of al6061MWCNT Metal Matrix Composites

pp. 15-25

Authors: Manjunatha L.H., P. Dinesh and Halesh S.B.


Synthesis and Characterisation of CuxZn1-xS Polycrystalline Semiconductors by Co-Precipitation Method
pp. 27-40
Authors: V. Laxminarasimha Rao, T. Shekharam and M. Nagabhushanam

Electrical Conductivity Studies of Doped Polyaniline Molybdenum Oxide Nano Composites
pp. 41-48
Authors: D. Nagesa Sastry, M. Revanasiddappa, C. Basavaraja, T. Suresh and S.C. Raghavendra

An Investigation into the Effects of Graphite Particles on the Damping Behavior of PA 66 Composite Material
pp. 49-56
Authors: Ch. Lakshmi Srinivas, MMM Sarcar , KNS Suman and K.R.Prakash


Effect of Pb on Structural and Optical Properties of Cd 0.8-xPb xZn 0.2S Mixed Semiconductor Compounds for Optoelectronic Applications

pp. 57-76

Authors: T. Shekharam, G. Yellaiah, V. Laxminarasimha Rao, T. Mohan kumar and M. Nagabhushanam


Tribological Behaviour of Austempered Chilled Ductile Iron (ACDI)

pp. 77-89

Author: Yogesha K.B






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