International Journal of Material Sciences and Technology (IJMST)



Volume 9  Number 1  (2019)






Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Coir composites with varied compositions

PP. 1-12

Debasmita Pani and Punyapriya Mishra


The Issue of Evaporation Loss of Oil Products and Possible Solutions
Yong Zhou

Modeling and Simulation of 1.5MW Wind Turbine

Mansour Alsaleh and Noura Alomar

Polarized Continuum Solvent Model: Considerable Acceleration with the Multicharge Matrix Approximation

Monirah Alshreef, Abdulrahman Alarifi, AbdulMalik Al-Salman and Jiaye Pan

An Efficient Reconfigurable Fir Filter based on Twin Precision Multiplier and Low Power Adder

Shihong Zou

Subtractive Processing Modeling By Micromilling and Microdrilling

Shihong Zou







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