International Journal of Material Sciences and Technology (IJMST)



Volume 9  Number 2  (2019)






Optimization of Production Process and Machining Time in CNC Cell through the Execution of Different Lean Tools
Ioannis Xygonakis and Nicolas Foroglou

Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Hybrid Refrigeration System
Alexander Astaras

Product Detection System for Home Refrigerators implemented though a Region-based Convolutional Neural Network
Alexander Astaras, Panagiotis D. Bamidis. and Aitor Almeida.

Forced Convective Solar Air Heater: Effect of Thermal Storage Materials
Alessandro Fiore

Progress in Gasification Research: A Bibliometric Study
Luca Mainetti and Ruben Mulero

Characterization of Al6061/Wc/B4c/Ti/Cr Metal Matrix Composite
Luigi Patrono and Piercosimo Rametta

Object Recognition using Neural Networks
Xin Liu

Prediction of Spring-back Deformation for CFRP Reflectors Manufactured using Various Processes
Pingjun Zou, Weishan Zhang, Weishan Zhang and Jiehan Zhou






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