International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications (IJNA)

Volume 11, Number 1  (2017)




Structural and Spectroscopic Study of CdS Quantum Dots in Glass Matrix
pp. 1-7
Amit L. Patil, Umakant and B. Chanshetti


Photoluminescence Studies of Nanocrystalline Films of Cadmium Sulphide
pp. 9-15

Mosquito larvicidal activity of green silver nanoparticle synthesized from extract of bud of Polianthus tuberosa L.
pp. 17-28
Anjali Rawani

Optimization of Sensing Length of Modified Cladding Optical Fiber Sensor for Toxic gas sensing Application
pp. 29-34
K. P. Kakde

Characterization of Silicon Nanowires Synthesized By Electroless Metal Deposition
pp. 35-44
Samiya Mahjabin, Md. Sharifuzzaman Shakel, Mohammad Junaebur Rashid, Md. Fakhrul Islam and Zahid Hasan Mahmood

Spray Deposition and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Cd1-xZnxS thin films
pp. 45-58
P M Parameshwari and Gopalakrishna Naik K

Luminescence studies of 120 Mev Fe3+ ions Irradiated Cu Doped ZnTe Quantum Dots
pp. 59-67
Lalit Baruah, B. I. Sharma and Siddhartha S. Nath


Design and Implementation of a Raspberry PI Surveillance Robot with Pan Tilt Raspbian Camera
pp. 69-73
Pankaj Singh, Prakher Nigam, Puru Dewan and Abhishek Singh


Application of semi-solvo thermally synthesized zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles in food technology and their characterization
pp. 75-80
Jayant Pawar, Prakash, Prasen Vinchurkar, Manish Shinde, Rabinder Henry, Yashodhan Mandke, Amit Patwardhan and E.A. Singh

Prediction for the Debye Temperature of Metallic Nanoparticles
pp. 81-90
Brijesh K Pandey and Ratan L Jaiswal

Magnetic and dielectric studies on Zn doped Mg ferrites (MgZnxFe2-xO4) nanofabricated using self-combustion method
pp. 91-96

Effect of Substrate Temperature on Porosity and Gas Sensing Properties of B and PEG-6000 Co-Doped SnO2 Thin Films
pp. 97-107
Siddhiram N. Bajantri and R.D. Mathad

The Effect of Thermal Conductivity Enhancement for Brownian motion of Nanofluids
pp. 109-116
Mohammad Miyan





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