International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications (IJNA)

Volume 12, Number 4  (2018)




Virtual Environment for Robotic Assistance
Mi-Jung Choi

An MDA approach for the development of data warehouses from Relational Databases Using ATL Transformation Language

Yang-Sae Moon

Connection of Odkvist Parameter and Values of Microhardness when Hardening by Plastic Deformation

Hee-Sun Won

BLDC Motor Control for SVF Extraction though CAN communication

Lan Liu

Stability of Queues in Multi-User Cognitive Radios

Lan Liu, Ryan K. L. Ko and Guangming Ren

Application of the AR4 Model Image of Landsat 8 on Land Cover Classification in Central Sulawesi Grand Forest Park

Xiaoping Xu

A Multi-Algorithm based Gender Classification using Fingerprint: A Feature level Fusion and SVM Approach

Khairan D. Rajab





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